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Some of the Worst Killers (part 1)

Alaa Abu Dhein
Location: Jerusalem
Date: March 6, 2008
Crime: Dhein is known for carrying out an attack known as the ‘Mercaz HaRav Massacre’, where eight students were killed and eleven more injured during a shooting at a religious academy in Jerusalem, Israel.
Biography: It is said that the perpetrator of this act of violence, Alaa Abu Dhein was not a known member of any militant groups. After the shootings, his family described him as an intensely religious Muslim, who at one time served as a driver who brought supplies to the seminary where the attack occurred. According to the 26-year old gunman’s sister, Dhein had become increasingly more transfixed by the violence in Gaza, where 126 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces over the previous week. On the evening of the attack, he packed an AK-47 in a cardboard box and drove to the ministry. He walked through the building to the library where some 80 students were gathered and opened fire. He fired between 500 – 600 rounds, before one of the students was able to squeeze off a few shots with a pistol hitting Dhein in the chest twice. Dhein, wounded, continued the assault until an Israeli Defence Force captain arrived on the scene and shot him dead. A fringe political group called Galilee Liberators Brigades claimed responsibility for the attacks, but there is no evidence to corroborate that Dhein was ever affiliated with the group.
Alaa Abu Dhein pictures

Aleksandr Pichushkin

Location: Moscow, Russia
Date: 1992 – 2006
Crime: ‘The Chessboard Killer’ was convicted of 48 of the 49 murders he was accused of, but asked the judge to add an additional 11victims to the death toll. He initially claimed he wanted to kill 64 people, the same number as the squares on a chessboard. Most of his victims were elderly men, whom he lured with vodka and after getting them drunk, bashed in their skulls with a hammer.
Biography: Born in 1974 and raised by his mother after the father abandoned the family. Pichushkin may also have been affected by an accident he suffered at the age of four in which he suffered a severe blow to the head. He has admitted to committing his first murder at the age of 18, when he pushed a rival out of a window to his death. Police suspected him of this crime, but never formally pressed charges and ruled the incident a suicide. Pichushkin laid low until 2001 and from that point on continually escalated the killings. He preyed on older gentlemen whom he befriended with the game of chess and vodka. Most of his crimes were committed in Bitsa Park, where he would crush his victims skulls with a hammer and dump them into a sewer drain. After his arrest in 2006, Pichushkin made the chilling comment that to him, ‘A day without killing was like a day without food would be for you’.
Aleksandr Pichushkin pictures

Angel Maturino Resendiz

Location: Texas, United States
Date: 1986 – 1999
Crime: Known as the ‘Railroad Killer’, Resendiz was an illegal immigrant who traveled on trains throughout the country, robbing, raping and killing 24 people. He was executed by lethal injection on June 27, 2006.
Biography: Because of his status as an illegal immigrant, details of this killer’s early life are unknown. In post-capture interviews, Resendiz spoke about a horrible childhood that was marred by frequent abuse because he lived in the streets of Mexico. He was taken in by another ‘street-urchin’, who continually abused him. He has been described by the F.B.I. as a ‘bungling’ crook who only evaded capture for as long as he did because of his using the U.S. railway system to move from location to location. Resendiz was a small man, standing about 5’4′, and he typically used blunt force trauma to subdue his victims. He would ride a freight train to whatever destination he felt would present an opportunity for him to commit his next series of crimes. He claims that he never really knew where he was going, and that he just got off the train wherever felt right. Once on the ground, he would scope out the surrounding area and plan his attack. His main motive appeared to be the killing of his victims, however, many of them were sexually assaulted, and most of them were robbed. He was ultimately captured at the border, just outside of El Paso, Texas without incident or altercation. Once in custody, he admitted to nine murders, and while serving on death row, he continued to admit to additional crimes as the years passed.
Angel Maturino Resendiz

Baruch Kappel Goldstein

Location: Hebron, West Bank
Date: February 25, 1994
Crime: Known forever as the Cave of the Patriarch’s Massacre, Goldstein entered a room in a mosque full of Muslims deep in prayer and opened fire. Twenty nine were killed and another 150 wounded before Goldstein was subdued and subsequently beaten to death.
Biography: Baruch Kappel Goldstein was born on December 9, 1956 in Brooklyn, New York into an Orthodox Jewish family. He attended a religious school and went onto university where he received his medical training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He emigrated to Israel and served as a physician in the Israeli Defense Force. Following his active military career, he served in the reserves and then settled down to practice emergency medicine near Hebron, West Bank. Goldstein’s radical views were prevalent throughout his career as he was known to refuse treatment to non-Jews. On February 25, 1994, that calendar year’s ‘Purim’ day (A day celebrating Jewish deliverance from those that wanted to harm them), Goldstein put on his military reserve uniform, and fully armed, made his way to the Cave of the Patriarch’s. As Goldstein was mowing down the Palestinians in prayer, a mosque security guard attacked Goldstein from behind with a fire-extinguisher and disarmed him. The surviving crowd then swarmed Goldstein and beat him to death. A shrine was erected in Goldstein’s honor in a Jewish settlement near Hebron that is named after the founder of a far-right political party, where those with extreme right wing political views would worship at the place of his gravesite. In 1999, due to mounting political pressure about the shrine in honor of a terrorist, the Israeli army bulldozed the site and prayer area.
Baruch Kappel Goldstein with gun
Baruch Kappel Goldstein

Charles Macarthur Emmanuel

Location: Liberia
Date: 1994 – 2006
Crime: The son of Charles Taylor, served in the role as leader of his father’s paramilitary and security forces. Accused of barbaric war crimes, including: beatings, burying people alive, rape and torture. In 2008, was convicted of several counts of torture, conspiracy to commit torture and the possession of firearms in the commission of a violent crime. He is sentenced to 97 years in prison and is currently planning his appeal.
Biography: Sometimes referred to as Charles Taylor, Jr., Emmanuel was born and raised in the United States with his mother and stepfather, living in a small middle class community in Orlando, Florida. As a teenager he found trouble and in 1994, he attempted to rob a man on West Orlando and when confronted by police, he pulled out a .38 caliber handgun and pointed it at the officer’s head. This event triggered his move to live with his father in Liberia. After his father took control of Liberia in 1997, Emmanuel was appointed to lead the paramilitary wing of the government. He was in charge of security, anti-terrorist activity and providing ‘muscle’ wherever his father deemed it necessary. In this capacity, he and his forces were said to burn victims with lighted cigarettes, molten plastic and candle wax. Other victims were severely beaten with iron bars and firearms, while others were cut and stabbed and left to bleed to death. In 2006, Emmanuel tried to return to the United States, but was arrested at the Miami International Airport. The U.S. Department of Justice then levied the war crimes charges against him. During the trial, the prosecution presented a witness who survived an interrogation at the hands of Emmanuel, where he claims to have been abducted from his home and brought to an unidentified location for questioning. His testimony states that Emmanuel and his co-conspirators pressed a hot iron into his flesh, shocked him with electrical current, rubbed salt into his open wounds and forced his hands into boiling water.
Charles McArthur Emmanuel

David John Copeland

Location: England
Date: 1999
Crime: During a 13-day bombing campaign in April 1999, detonated bombs he packed with more than 1,500 nails each in and around London targeting blacks and gays. In all, three people were killed and 129 were injured. He is currently serving life imprisonment in a mental hospital.
Biography: Copeland was born on May 15, 1976 in London, England and as he grew up, he was considered small for his age. This caused him some resentment and created tensions between him and his classmates. He was given the nickname, ‘Mr. Angry’. Around the age of 12, he began having violent and sadistic dreams of himself as a reincarnated Nazi SS officer who kept women as slaves to do his bidding. In 1992, he left school to work as an apprentice engineer, but soon turned to petty crimes, drug abuse and heavy drinking. In May 1997, he joined a far right, anti-immigration political party called the British National Party. It was around that time that he learned to make bombs using fireworks and alarm clocks as timers. He gleaned much of his information by downloading terrorist information from the internet. In 1998, Copeland had a rift with the BNP and left to join a smaller, more violent group that espoused Neo Nazi views, called the National Socialist Movement. His first bomb was set on April 17, 1999 just outside of a busy supermarket hidden in a sports bag. The police were called because the market workers were suspicious, but they kept moving the bag before the police arrived. It detonated, injuring 50 people, many seriously because of the 4-inch nails that Copeland had packed the bomb in to serve as shrapnel. Six days later, he planted his second bomb outside of another market, this time it detonated in a less populous area and only 13 people were injured in the blast. Copeland’s third and final bomb was planted in a crowded pub in the heart of London’s ‘gay village’. Three people were killed in the blast with another 79 injured, many of whom had to have limbs amputated because of the severity of their injuries. Police identified Copeland based on closed circuit video from businesses in the area around his second bombing. They began publicizing his identity on the night before the final bomb was placed and arrested him later that evening, but after the bomb had gone off. Copeland admitted carrying out the bombings as soon as he was brought into custody. Prior to trial, five independent psychiatrists diagnosed Copeland as paranoid schizophrenic with a personality disorder, however, his plea of insanity was thrown out by the prosecution and he was subsequently sentenced to six consecutive life sentences.
David John Copeland

David Malcolm Gray

Location: Aramoana, New Zealand
Date: November 13, 1990
Crime: After a verbal dispute with a neighbor, took a scoped, semi-automatic rifle and gunned down thirteen people, including neighbors and families visiting the township. Twenty-two hours later, in a blaze of glory, Gray burst out of his house firing from the hip and was promptly gunned down by police.
Biography: To this day, the deadliest criminal shooting in New Zealand history was committed by this 33-year old unemployed farmhand. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand to parents who were both in the manufacturing industry, Gray also had two siblings. His school years were unassuming and unremarkable and former classmates described him as quiet, but not necessarily frightening in any way. It was also said that he was a loner, and his sister, Joan, said that Gray’s love for animals became a source of the discontent with his neighbor who had trouble caring for his pets.
On the day of the spree, Gray argued with his neighbor, then abruptly went into the house and retrieved his assault rifle. He came out and promptly shot the man dead. After setting the neighbor’s house on fire and wounding the dead man’s daughter, he started shooting indiscriminately at people who began arriving on the scene. As the police arrived, Gray holed up in his house and continued the fire fight until he was shot dead.
David Malcolm Gray

Donald Henry Gaskins

Location: South Carolina, United States
Date: 1953 – 1982
Crime: Donald ‘Pee Wee’ Gaskins was known as the Meanest Man in America and was put to death by the electric chair after being convicted of murdering nine young boys and girls. Police have him linked to more than 80 killings, and in his memoirs, Gaskins admits to having killed 181 people.
Biography: Donald Henry Gaskins was born, March 31, 1933 in Florence County, South Carolina and spent much of his youth in reform school. He was never a good student and at a very young age began his criminal career with a series of petty thefts. His violent streak was on display at a young age as well for during one burglary, he struck a woman on the head with a hatchet and left her to die. She survived and Gaskins was sent to serve out a custodial sentence at reform school. Upon his release, he began committing insurance fraud and was soon arrested for attacking a teenage girl with a ball peen hammer. He was sent off to prison for six years. In prison, Gaskins’ slight build earned him the nickname ‘Pee Wee’ and also contributed to his being physically and sexually abused. In 1953, at the State Penitentiary, Gaskins killed for the first time, claiming that he needed to earn a fearsome reputation to keep himself from being abused. An additional three years was added to his sentence and served without further incident. In 1969, Gaskins began torturing and killing hitchhikers for pure pleasure. Then in 1970, he began a series of self-described ‘Serious Murders’. These were people that he knew and killed for personal reasons, such as having once mocked him, owing him money or because he had been paid to kill them. He was finally arrested in November 1975, when an associate went to the police and claimed that he had witnessed Gaskins having murdered two young men. Sentenced to life in prison, Gaskins killed one final time. He rigged an explosive device up inside of a portable radio and blew the head off of a fellow death row inmate. This gruesome murder earned him the nickname of ‘The Meanest Man in America’ and led to his death sentence. During his time on death row, he told his life story to a journalist and confessed to more than 100 additional murders, however, police were unable to link him to all of them.
Donald Henry Gaskins

Eden Natan-Zada

Location: Shfar’am Israel
Date: August 4, 2005
Crime: Natan-Zada was a 19-year old soldier in the Israeli Defense Force who went AWOL after getting involved in extreme, far-right religious activities. He opened fire on a crowded bus killing four people and wounding 22 others before being subdued and handcuffed. Then, while cuffed inside the bus, the crowd attacked him and beat him to death.
Biography: Born July 9, 1986 Natan-Zada was described as a very bright and studious young schoolboy. As a teen, he was introduced to Kahanism, an extremist religious movement, via the internet. As he was serving his mandatory military service in the Israeli Defence Forces, he became increasingly disenfranchised and his views became more extreme. He would spend his weekends in an Orthodox West bank Settlement that was known as the unofficial headquarters of the far-right wing extremists. After deserting the military, it is believed that Natan-Zada took refuge in that same settlement. On August 4, 2005, he boarded a bus, destined for Shfaram’, in full military dress and carrying his M16 rifle. The bus driver, thought it was odd for a visibly observant Jewish soldier to be headed towards the Arab dominated Shfaram’ area, but Natan-Zada convinced him that it was his destination. He rode silently, until the bus began pulling into Shfaram, when he rose, blocked the doorway and opened fire on the Arabs in the bus. When he paused to reload his weapon, people in the street stormed the bus and subdued him. Upon the arrival of the police, they found him tied up and still alive, however, the police were unable to contain the crowd and Natan-Zada was lynched. In some writings that he left behind, Natan-Zada claimed that his motive was to provoke widespread riots and violence which would serve to deter the planned evacuation of the Gaza strip settlers.

Eric Edgar Cooke

Location: Perth, Australia
Date: 1959 – 1963
Crime: Cooke, known as ‘The Night Caller’, assaulted twenty two people, while killing eight of his victims utilizing a variety of attacks and means. He was hanged for his crimes in October 1964.
Biography: Cooke was born on February 25, 1931 in the city of Perth, Australia as the eldest of three children. His father, who had never wanted to be married in the first place, was an alcoholic who beat his only son mercilessly for stepping in to protect his mother from his violent outbursts. Cooke , not only suffered at the hands of his father, he was bullied and mocked throughout school due to a hare lip and cleft palate. He spoke in barely a mumble and corrective surgical procedures failed to correct the deformities. As a teen, he was rejected by his peers and spent his nights committing petty crimes and vandalism. He served 18 months in prison for burning down a local church that denied him a place in its choir. When he was 21 he joined the military only to be kicked out three months later when his teenage crimes came to light. He was married a year later and fathered seven children. Oddly enough, this seemingly stable family life did not keep Eric Cooke from roaming the streets at night and committing many minor offenses, of which he was arrested several times for being a ‘peeping tom’. In the early 1960′s, the city of Perth was terrorized by a series of seemingly unrelated violent crimes. People were being killed in hit and run’s, stabbings, shootings and assaulted during home invasions. The randomness of the crimes did not indicate that this was the work of one man. The assaults were carried out with several different rifles, an assortment of knives, even scissors and an axe. Cooke was finally caught when a rifle he had used to murder one of his victims was found hidden in the bushes. Ballistics tests tied it to the crime giving the police an opportunity to trap the perpetrator. They placed it back where they had found it, but put it under surveillance in the hopes that the owner would return to collect it. Two weeks later, Cooke retrieved the rifle and was arrested. Once captured, Cooke confessed to 22 violent crimes, eight of which had resulted in murders. He was dubbed ‘The Night Caller’ when details of his attacks and crimes became public during his trial.
Eric Edgar Cooke

Eric Robert Rudolph

Location: United States
Date: 1996 – 1998
Crime: Known as the ‘Olympic Park Bomber’, Rudolph committed a series of bombings across the southern United States. He is credited in the deaths of 3 people with another 150 injured in the attacks that he called, ‘A guerilla campaign against abortion and the homosexual agenda’.
Biography: Rudolph was born on September 19, 1966 in Merritt Island, Florida. He dropped out of school before the tenth grade and went to work with his brother as a carpenter. His mother espoused radical, racist Christian beliefs and instilled those views in young Eric. In 1985, Rudolph finally earned his GED and went to college for two semesters, later enlisting in the U.S. Army. He served in the 101st Airborne Division and attended Air Assault School prior to his discharge in 1989. His first bombing was on the biggest stage imaginable in 1996, as he planted a bomb during the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. The blast killed one spectator and wounded 111 others. A Turkish cameraman also died during the incident as he suffered a heart attack while trying to rush to the scene to film the incident. Six months after the Olympics bombing, he targeted an abortion clinic in Atlanta and a known lesbian bar a month later. Then, in January 1998, he bombed an Alabama abortion clinic, this time killing a security guard and critically wounding a nurse. Within two weeks, he was identified as a suspect in the Alabama bombing. By May, he was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list and was considered to be armed and dangerous, with a $1 million reward for information posted leading to his capture. He spent the next five years on the run, spending much of his time evading the authorities by hiding in the Appalachian wilderness. He was captured on May 31, 2003 behind a supermarket as he was scavenging through a dumpster. In order to avoid the death penalty, Rudolph agreed to a plea bargain admitting his guilt in each of the bombings and is currently serving four consecutive life sentences with no ability for parole.

Franz Fuchs

Location: Austria
Date: 1993 – 1997
Crime: Fuchs was an Austrian terrorist who killed 4 people and injured 15 others in a wave of bombings in the mid 1990′s. He was captured and sentenced to life in prison but was found hanged in his cell within a year.
Biography: Franz Fuchs was born December 12, 1949 in Austria. Because so little has been documented about his childhood, it is difficult to determine the origins of his xenophobic beliefs. Criminal psychologists have likened him to U.S. terrorist bomber, Theodore Kaczynski, both being of high intelligence but socially inept loners. Fuchs’ mail bomb campaign differs from Kaczynski’s in that he targeted people who were foreigners or were part of organizations that he considered friendly to foreigners. His first wave of mail bombs began in December 1993, claiming several early victims and injuring the mayor of Vienna. Other bombs from this campaign were discovered and neutralized without incident. In September 1994, Fuchs claimed responsibility for the bombings in a letter to the foreign minister of Slovenia. His second wave of mail bombs in October 1994, all failed without detonating. Then in February 1995, four people were killed when he targeted a group of Romanian gypsies. Between June and December of 1995, Fuch’s stepped up the frequency of his bombing waves targeting media, medics and refugee aid workers. Many of these bombs failed or detonated inside of mail boxes which limited the number of injured people. Finally, in October 1997, Fuchs was manic with paranoia and took to following people that he thought were spying on him. Two women filed a complaint and when two police officers attempted to question him, Fuchs detonated a bomb he had with him, losing both of his arms below the elbow in the blast. He was arrested and put on trial, however, many in Austria feel that authorities never uncovered all of the details in the investigation, leaving doubts about whether Fuchs was acting alone. Further doubts were raised after he was found hanging in his prison cell, leaving many to question how a man without hands could fashion a cord from an electric razor in a manner which would facilitate his hanging.
Franz Fuchs pictures

Howard Unruh

Location: Camden, New Jersey
Date: September 6, 1949
Crime: Armed with a Luger P08 pistol, in an apparent retaliation for some minor property damage, randomly shot at and killed 13 people, injuring 3 others in his hometown. After a long standoff with police, surrendered into custody.
Biography: Howard Unruh was a decorated World War II veteran who lived with his mother in Camden, New Jersey after coming home from the war. He was a very quiet man, described as shy and reserved, who had trouble making friends and getting along with his neighbors. He appeared to be having a challenging time of deciding what he wanted to do after his military life. He briefly attended college, but dropped out after a few months. Tensions in the neighborhood began to increase and Unruh became the victim of ridicule from local teens who mocked him as ‘being gay’ and a ‘mama’s boy’. Unruh became reclusive and investigators found in his bedroom, a detailed notebook which contained detailed about every perceived transgression against him, both real and imagined. Many of the entries had the note, ‘retal.’ after them, apparently indicating retaliation against that transgressor. On the morning of the attack, he dressed in his best suit and set out to track down and shoot those that he had identified. He shot and killed many of his intended victims, but others were able to hide and avoid the attack. After his arrest, Unruh was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and to this day resides in a Psychiatric Hospital in Trenton, New Jersey.

Huang Yong

Location: China
Date: 2001 – 2003
Crime: Accused of murdering between 17 and 25 teenage boys between September 2001 and 2003. He would meet them in video game parlors and internet caf’s and lure them to his home with promises of well paying jobs or school funding.
Biography: Born in 1974, the son of a pig farmer, Huang’s early life is sparsely documented. He spent one tour of duty in the military and then spent time as a migrant farm worker in Southern China. Huang built a torture device in his basement, called the ‘intelligent hobbyhorse’ which resembled a noodle making machine. It is said that his victims were suffocated while being bound to the machine. His modus operandi was to meet the youths in video halls or internet cafes, and tell them he was working on a new video game that he titled ‘God and the Intelligent Hobby Horse’. Other times he would offer to recommend them for well paying jobs in the area or pay them for school or sightseeing tours. He would drug them, suffocate them and then, posthumously rape them. He buried his victims in the grounds around his home. At the trial, Huang was quoted as saying, ‘Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be an assassin, but never had the chance’.

Ian Huntley

Location: Soham, Cambridgeshire, England
Date: August 4, 2002
Crime: Serving life in prison for the murders of two ten-year old girls (Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman) whom he had lured into his home as they were walking past after a trip to a local market. Known as the Soham Murders, this case remains one of the highest profile murders in the U.K. in recent years.
Biography: Ian Kevin Huntley was born on January 31, 1974 in Grimsby, England. His school age years were marked by incessant bullying and at the age of 13, it had gotten so bad, he had to be transferred to a different school. He left school in 1990 and worked at a variety of unskilled positions with low pay. During the 1990′s, he was investigated by the police on ten different occasions for rape, sex with a minor, indecent assault and burglary. He was brought up on charges twice, but in both instances the charges were dropped. In November 2001, using an assumed name of Ian Nixon, Huntley applied for and was given the position of caretaker at a secondary school in Soham. On the evening of August 4, 2002, Huntley had gotten into a heated argument with his live-in girlfriend over the phone after he accused her of cheating. After slamming down the phone, Huntley saw two 10 year old girls walking past his rented house. Knowing that they were students at the school where his girlfriend worked, he coaxed them inside and killed them. Huntley disposed of the girls bodies by throwing them into a ditch, some 20 miles away and setting them on fire. In the mean time, Huntley’s girlfriend returned to the cottage and helped Huntley clean up any evidence of what had taken place there. A little less than two weeks later, the girls soccer shirts were found in a dumpster at the college where Huntley worked and within 13 hours of that discovery, their bodies were found in the woods. During the trial, Huntley admitted that the girls had died in his house, but claimed that both deaths were accidental. The jury rejected those claims and returned a guilty verdict. While serving his life sentence, Huntley has survived an attack in 2005 by another prisoner with boiling water. Then in 2006, Huntley attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. In January, 2008, he was moved to a different facility for long-term prisoners and those of notoriety.
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman

Javed Iqbal

Location: Pakistan
Date: Occurred between 1978 and 2001
Crime: After murdering his 100th victim, sent a letter to police admitting to the strangulation and dismemberment of young boys between the ages of 6 and 16.
Biography: Javed Iqbal was born into the family of a wealthy, Pakistani business man. He was the fourth son out of six children. His was a routine childhood and education through high school. In fact, his life was unremarkable until at the age of 37, he filed a police complaint about an alleged beating he suffered at the hands of two servant boys. The police dismissed his complaint setting Iqbal off to exact his own revenge. In his meticulously kept journal, he vowed to make 100 women cry for their lost children. Over a period of six months, he lured unsuspecting street children to his apartment with promises of food and a place to sleep. Then, he would asphyxiate the child with cyanide. It was found that he disposed of the bodies using huge vats of hydrochloric acid and then dumped the remains in the river. The police investigation revealed that he had been paying three teenage accomplices to help him commit these atrocities. Shortly after being sentenced to death by strangulation, he was found dead in his jail cell. To date, Iqbal’s death in custody cannot be determined whether it was suicide or death by torture.
Javed Iqbal child killer

Jeff Weise

Location: Red Lake, Minnesota
Date: March 21, 2005
Crime: Began with the killing of his grandfather and grandfather’s girlfriend with a .22 caliber pistol. Then after confiscating a Glock 23 pistol and 12 gauge shotgun, drove to Red Lake Senior High and opened fire on campus. The dead included: five students, one teacher and a security guard. Five more victims were wounded before Weise committed suicide.
Biography: Weise lived with his grandmother in Red Lake, Minnesota. His mother died in a car crash in 1999 and his father committed suicide thereafter. He lived a conflicted life. Seemingly very intelligent, some described him as very nice, thoughtful and always available to help people with their issues. Others, described him as sullen and withdrawn and a loner. He was always dressed in black and was therefore labeled, ‘Goth’, by fellow students. He spent a lot of time on the internet on various Nazi websites and even created and posted animations which depict a masked killer on a shooting spree in a park-like setting. On the morning of the killing, Weise went to his paternal grandfathers house, a local police officer, and shot him while he slept. He then shot his grandfathers girlfriend, strapped on his grandfathers body armor, took a few of his weapons and drove to the school in his squad car. He pulled up to the front door of the school and started shooting. Eyewitness accounts describe the massacre to be eerily similar to the Columbine killings, with Weise asking a student whether he believed in God, before shooting him. During a standoff with police, Weise was hit by two bullets which led him to retreat to a vacant classroom where he shot himself ending the massacre.

Jiverly Antares Wong

Location: Binghamton, NY
Date: April 3, 2009
Crime: Wong walked into a crowded, local Civic Center with a 9mm Beretta and .45 caliber pistol and randomly opened fire on the people inside. A total of 13 victims were dead and 4 others wounded before Wong turned the gun on himself.
Biography: Jiverly Antares Wong was born on December 8, 1967 into a Chinese family living in South Korea. By the age of 20, he had moved to California in the United States and by 1992 had been arrested and convicted of misdemeanor fraud. He was still allowed his American citizenship in November of 1995, was married and divorced by 1999. He worked steadily as a delivery man in California until July 2007, where one day he just didn’t show up for work. It was later learned that he had abruptly moved to the Binghamton area in central New York state. He worked at a vacuum cleaner plant until it closed its doors in November 2008. Acquaintances and co-workers of Wong indicated that he was becoming increasingly more frustrated because he couldn’t master the English language and his anger worsened after he lost his job at the plant. During his time in New York at the plant, he had commented on more than one occasion about his distaste for America and that he wanted to assassinate the President. Two days after the shooting, a package was received by a Syracuse, New York news station which contained a two page letter and several photos of Wong holding guns and smiling. In the letter, is a rambling diatribe detailing perceived persecutions by the government and police against Wong.

Johann “Jack” Unterweger

Location: Austria and the U.S.
Date: 1976 – 1992
Crime: This Austrian serial killer is known for committing his crimes in several countries around the world. He was charged with the deaths of fifteen prostitutes and was given several monikers, including: The Vienna Strangler, The Poet of Death, The Pug Dumper and The Jesus Christ Jumper.
Biography: Unterweger grew up in poverty, the son of a Viennese mother and an unknown American soldier. He spent his youth committing petty crimes and assaulting prostitutes, for which he served jail time. Then at the age of eighteen, he murdered a German woman by strangling her with her own brassiere. He was captured, convicted and sentenced to life in prison. While incarcerated, Unterweger became something of a celebrity and a darling to the social-elite by writing plays, poetry and his autobiography. After fifteen years of his life sentence, the intellectual community petitioned for his release by claiming his successful rehabilitation. After his release, he hosted television programs and made the best of his celebrity. Within the first year after his release, he had killed six more prostitutes. Then in 1991, he was hired to write about crime in Los Angeles. He came to America and began his research into prostitution, even accompanying the Los Angeles police department on patrols through known ‘red-light’ districts. During this time, three more prostitutes were beaten, assaulted and strangled with their brassieres. Law enforcement finally figured out what was happening and in February 1992, Unterweger was arrested. Back in Austria, they had also pieced together his crimes and he was charged with eleven murders back there. After his trial, on June 29, 1994, he was sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole. That night, Unterweger hung himself in his cell.

John Bunting

Location: Australia
Date: 1992 – 1999
Crime: Once described as Australia’s worst serial killer, he is serving life in prison for his role in coordinating the murders of eleven people.
Biography: Little information is available about the back-story of John Justin Bunting, born in September 1966 in Adelaide, South Australia. However, after his arrest for the murders of eleven, it is known that Bunting is a master manipulator and hater of pedophiles and homosexuals. Under his direction, his small group of accomplices terrorized anyone they suspected of being a homosexual. They also engaged in criminally seizing welfare payments from the weak and elderly, over a period of seven years. Bunting first murdered in August 1992, when he invited a man into his home and began accusing him of being a pedophile. He bashed in the man’s skull with a shovel and buried him in a shallow grave in his backyard. Then in 1995, Bunting and an accomplice murdered a mentally disabled man who was accused of pedophilia by a local woman saying he made sexual advances toward her grandchildren. The man was never reported missing, and Bunting began claiming the man’s welfare payments. This routine was repeated over the next several years with many of the victims. Police finally connected the murders to Bunting after a year long missing persons investigation led them to an abandoned bank in Snowtown, Australia. Inside they found six vats of acid which contained human remains. They soon searched former properties rented by Bunting and discovered the remains of several more victims. During the trial, Bunting’s accomplices said that they had recently begun to experiment with cannibalism before disposing of the bodies. After an 11 month trial, Bunting was convicted of eleven counts of murder and sentenced to 11 consecutive life sentences with no opportunity for parole.
John Bunting

John Wayne Glover

Location: Australia
Date: 1989 – 1990
Crime: Known as the ‘Granny Killer’ for killing at least 6 elderly women near Sydney, Australia’s North Shore over a fourteen month period between 1989 and 1990. Fifteen years into his life sentence, he hanged himself in his prison cell.
Biography: Originally born in Wolverhampton, England on November 26, 1932, into a working class family, Glover spent his youth committing petty crimes. After joining the British Army, he was quickly thrown out after they discovered his criminal past. This drove him to emigrate to Australia in 1956, where he settled down in Melbourne. Throughout his life, Glover had troubled relationships with older women, including his own mother. In the early 1960′s, Glover was convicted of assaulting women and causing bodily harm. The attacks were considered quite severe as the women were thrown to the ground and had their clothing torn off. Remarkably, he only received a probationary sentence for these crimes. The first evidence of a Glover murder, didn’t arise until 1989 at which point he had been married for 20 years. This occurred in March of 1989, when he attacked an elderly women and beat her to death with a hammer. He struck again two months later and killed another elderly woman in the same manner. Over the course of the next several months, through the summer and fall of 1989, Glover began sexually assaulting elderly women in various nursing homes. He was questioned by staff in one of the attacks but not in the others. Late in October of 1989, he followed an elderly woman home to her residence in a retirement community and bashed her face repeatedly into the brick wall outside her front door. The woman survived but was unable to give the police a description of her assailant. In November, he killed three more times using a blunt instrument to bash in his victim’s skull each time. In January 1990, Glover was caught after touching an elderly cancer patient in a sexually inappropriate manner. He ran from the scene but was identified by staff. After being questioned by police, Glover was put under constant surveillance. Finally in March, Glover killed his sixth victim, while under police surveillance. He entered the home of an elderly acquaintance
and after 3 hours with no visible activity, the police became concerned and finally entered the house. They found the naked woman in a pool of blood, wrapped in towels. They then found Glover unconscious in a filled bathtub, apparently from an overdose of Valium. He survived the suicide attempt and ultimately confessed to his crimes.
John Wayne Glover

Joseph Paul Franklin

Location: United States
Date: 1977 – 1980
Crime: Franklin is best known for his confessions in the attempted murders of publisher Larry Flynt and political advisor, Vernon Jordan, and while never convicted of those shootings, he has been sentenced to death for seven murders committed throughout the United States.
Biography: Franklin was born as James Clayton Vaughn, Jr. in Mobile, Alabama on April 13, 1950. In 1976, he changed his name to Joseph Paul Franklin. As a child, his family was dirt poor and by the time he was a teenager, he became very interested in Evangelical Christianity and later Nazism and the Ku Klux Klan. Never settling down, Franklin would roam the East Coast, saying he was on a mission to ‘cleanse the world’ of those he considered inferior. Prior to having committed his first murder, Franklin fire-bombed a synagogue and assaulted an African American couple. Then in 1977, he began killing. He was a meticulous killer in that he organized his killing field with several escape routes and never left evidence behind. His victims were all killed by long range rifle shots. Franklin was a prodigious sharpshooter, despite being partially blind in one eye and totally blind in the other. He would select his site for the shot and then his victim would be chosen at random based on opportunity. Most of his killings were fired from distances of more than 100 feet away. Known for his supremacist views, he once threatened to kill then President Jimmy Carter. He was on the F.B.I.’s most wanted list for years but was an expert at eluding the authorities. He was finally caught when he was selling blood to the blood bank and the nurse recognized one of his tattoos that had been described in various news reports about the sniper killings. After his arrest in 1980, Franklin confessed to more than 20 murders and several bombings. He is currently serving life in prison in a Missouri penitentiary.
Joseph Paul Franklin

Juan Vallejo Corona

Location: Sutter County, California
Date: 1971
Crime: Convicted of killing 25 migrant farm workers over a six week period and sentenced to consecutive life sentences. All of his victims were stabbed and mutilated with a machete and many bore evidence of sexual abuse, before being buried in shallow graves in farms throughout the region.
Biography: Born in Mexico, Corona first came to America illegally in 1950, at the age of sixteen. Shortly after a flash flood killed 38 people in 1955, Corona is said to have suffered a mental break. He was committed to DeWitt State hospital in 1956 and diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was deemed cured after a series of 23 shock treatments and deported back to Mexico. He came back to the United States and went back to working the farms in California. It is said that Corona had a violent temper and was often abusive toward gay men. His first victim was a gay man who was found in 1970, hacked about the head and face with a machete in the restroom of a small caf owned by Corona’s half-brother. In early 1971, many more victims began showing up in several farms around the area. In one of the graves, police found evidence linking the murder to Corona. A subsequent search of his apartment turned up additional evidence, such as blood stained clothing, knives and a ledger which contained the names of many of the victims and the date they were murdered.

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